We believe that the kitchen is host to some of life’s most important moments. At Inform Projects we strive to create architectural kitchens that stand as quiet, bold participants in the stories being written in our homes each and every day.


Inform is internationally recognized as a beacon of European modern design culture, and our influence is being actualized in thousands of homes in Western Canada every year. This makes us cabinetry experts, but it is our integral commitment to each step of the creative process that gives us longevity and keeps ourselves and our product ever-evolving.

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From concept through to post-occupancy, we are committed to excellence every step of the way. Considering the lifespan of our projects, not to mention that of our kitchens themselves, it is our mandate to create timeless, functional designs that meet the needs of modern urban-dwellers who occupy one of the world’s most desired and rapidly-growing cities.

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